Low Cost IVF Treatment

All patients may not afford IVF. To help them we have workout a few options which can be make low cost ivf treatment in ahmedabad, gujarat, india without compromising the result.

Less expensive stimulation drugs:

Gonadotrophin injections used for stimulation comprise the major part of IVF drugs cost. Very good quality gonadotrophins are manufactured in India now. They are almost 65% less expensive than the latest recombinant FSH. They produce good results at very less cost.

Egg sharing:

If you decide to donate a few of your eggs at the time of your IVF cycle. Partial expense of your treatment will be born by the recipient. In spite of getting enough egg for yourself you can save considerably on cost. This option is useful for young, good responding patients.

Concessional treatment batch:

We offer concessional treatment twice in a year to the patients taking IVF treatment in that batch. If you want to take the advantage, book your name at the earliest! We will let you know the further details.