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DEV-ART Fertility Center is brought to you by the promoters of Shachi Women’s Hospital, and we are keen to replicate the earlier success and benchmark created by us in fetal medicine, 3D – 4D sonography, maternal, health and gynec care. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients in a friendly and comforting environment. DEV-ART Fertility Center aims at fulfilling the needs of the patients with the best possible care and technology at par with international standards. India has very limited choices in IVF treatments and other infertility treatment options. DEV-ART Fertility Center intends to change that with its team of highly skilled doctors and embryologists combined with state of the art technology and medical facilities in Ahmedabad. With our comprehensive range of treatments at your disposal and a high success rate we offer you the best chance at conception.

Having your own baby is perhaps one of life's most rewarding and blissful experiences. Ahmedabad IVF understand your feeling when you are in the phase where you want to conceive and be a happy parent. While some couples can conceive naturally there are others where assistance in reproduction is required through designed treatments. This is where DEV-ART Fertility Center is here to help - because we understand just how important conceiving is for you. Contrary to popular belief, infertility services are not always expensive and experimental. Give your worries a rest, because at we at DEV-ART Fertility Center do everything possible to make the journey towards conception a warm and a fulfilling one.

At least 1 in 6 couples will experience some degree of infertility at some point in their lives. If you've been trying to get pregnant for 12 months with no success (or 6 months for women over the age of 35), then assisted conception might be just what you need to complete your family. We understand that this could be a difficult and delicate phase for your spouse and you physically and emotionally. We commit to stand by you during these trying times and guide you through it to the best of our capabilities.

Ahmedabad IVF aim to provide individual solutions for each patient in a relaxed, caring and supportive environment. We always discuss each step of the process carefully and detail the options available to you.

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» High pregnancy rate

» Excellent rating by patients

» Environment purity-transparency

» Quality Management System

» Modern state of the art facilities

» Highly experienced staff

» International fertility destination

» Flexible financial options

» A long record of success

» Egg donation & surrogacy


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